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What is it? is a website for people who want to help other people. You can make an account on this website. On this website are people who have an illness and need help, and people who want to help other people. When you logg in you can see where other people are and what kind of help they need.

If you help other people you get credits and with these credits you can buy stuff, for example a vacation.


Why do I think it is cool?

I think it is cool, because a lot of people who need help are to shy to ask for help. I think that they easier ask for help with this website.

Also people who want to help other people do often not know that they need help, and with this website they can see who needs help and what kind of help.


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Twitter kliniek

What is it?

Social media is also becomming a hype in health care. More and more patients and doctors have an account on Twitter, Hyves, Facebook and other social media.

Social media can help the health care with a better communication between patients and doctors. Because patients in this time have a lot more to say then a few years ago, it is important that docter and patient understand each other well.

The ‘’TwitterKliniek’’ helps the patient and doctor with a better communication. The ‘’Twitterkliniek’’ is a profil on Twitter where you can send messages to, so other people who also follow the ‘’Twitterkliniek’’ can see your problems, quistions, ideas etc. In this way people can help each other.

Why is it cool?

I think it is cool, because patients meet other patients on the web. In this way they can help each other and give support. Also doctors can help the patients on Twitter. At the ‘’Twitterkliniek’’ patients and doctors can learn from each other.

The ‘’Twitterkliniek’’ also give hospitals and doctors the oppertunity to learn the world of social media. When they know how to work with twitter, facebook, hyves and other social media, they can help a lot of people.

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Sleep pillow App

What is it?

Sleep Pillow is an App for people who have sleeping problems. This App has sounds that helps you fall a sleep. It has a lot of amazing sounds with visual representations of each sound. You just have to choose a sound and set the timer.

Sleep Pillow is created with a lot of different sounds to relax and sleep. These sounds are carefully made and only the best sounds are selected for this App.

There are many different options from the following categories:
–      water
–      forest
–      fire
–      weather
–      nature
–      tribal
–      modern
–      melodic
–      atmosphere
–      child/ baby

Why is it cool?

I think it is cool, because a lot of people who had sleeping problems and who had to take a lot of sleeping pills can now sleep without these pills but with this App. There are more Apps who have sleeping sounds, but this App has a timer, so that makes it different from the other Apps.

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