Hugging a cow?!

What is it?

Everybody can do it, cow hugging. The meaning of cow hugging is to bring you back to the values of life.

Cow hugging has grown to a huge success. I is a fantastic experience, to be among so many cows.

Cow hugging is not only for people who have a burn-out, it is also for people who just love lying next to the body of a warm cow. Cow hugging is becoming very popular. More and more people are appreciating the value of contact with this primal creature, the cow.

Why is it cool?

Cow hugging is cool, because it is back to normal/ nature. No high technology, no manual, no expensive price tag. Just you and a cow.

It is cool because of all the difficult technology in these times and being always connected with other people, this is a way to relax and have some time for yourself.

These days a lot of people have stress, cow hugging is a different way to get rid of all the stress in your body and mind. No expensive psychologist or deep talks with other people, just lying next to a cow.

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