Restaurant on screen

What is it?

Inamo is a interactive restaurant where the control of everything is in your hands. You can choose when you want to see the menu, to order drinks or to ask the bill. It is a whole new dining experience. All this you do with interactive ordering system on touchscreens in your table. The mission of this restaurant is to give delicious food with charming and timely service in a warm and vibrant atmosphere. While you are waithing for your food you can play games on your touchscreen.

Why is it cool?

This is a whole new idea of going to a restaurant. It is a real experience.

You can change the menus whenever you like, you don’t have to print this menu, you just have to change them in the computer. The costumer can choose when he wants to order, so there is no rush from a waiter, who is whaiting for you to order. This will give a better satisfaction of the client and also a higher turnover. When people have to wait for there food, they don’t have to be borred, because they can play games on the touchscreens.

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