The ‘RGB’ Rainbow glasses

What is it?

Industrial designer ‘Luis Porem’ made a new kind of glasses. People are always quit uncertain about what colour they should choose for their glasses. If you choose for the new glasses from Luis Porem you don’t have to think about what colour you should take, because you can change the colour of this glasses every day.

The structure of these glasses has an internal channel where colourful ink passes through. Because you can change this ink every time you want, you allow the user having a different look every time he wants.

Why is it cool?

I think this is cool because now a day, people are quit fast bored with things he wears; nobody wants to wear the same glasses every day. This is the solution for users to change his glasses every day.

This is a solution for women and men, because these days a man also wants to look good and don’t want to wear the same glasses every day.

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