This new car makes parking a lot easier!

Do you also have a lot problems driving in the city? Or does parking takes hours before the car is between the parking lines? Here is the solution! The new Hiriko city car!

What is it?

Hiriko is a new concept of urban mobility. It is the first entirely electric vehicle. The Hiriko city car is the latest and greatest electrical car. A project for the concern of providing an innovative solution to mobility in the cities. A prototype of this car has been designed in partnership with several auto suppliers. The Hiriko car prides itself om being small, innovative and environmentally friendly. This car has 360 degree turning wheels and an interesting shape and design that is easily noticeable.
These new Hiriko city car models are set for release in 2013.

Why is it cool?

This new city car is cool for women, because it is almost always chaos in the traffic. Because of this, a lot of women are stressed in the traffic. With this new designed car it is much more easier to drive in the cities. Also this car makes parking easier. Because a lot of women have problem doing this, this car is perfect for women.

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