Hug me for a free coke

What is it?

This is a new concept from Coca Cola. At the University of Singapore they have a vending machine that gives free soda cans , when you give the machine a hug.

Why is it cool?

This divice stimulates the openness and symathy in the human charactar by awarding it with a free coke. This is a bold and clever way to distract the current society from its selfish and individual mindset. This is a clever way to reward people, because when people can get something for free, they almost do everything for it.

This is an example for the trend socialization. These days individualization is a big trend, but this will change into socialization. People will need the help from another and want to make time to be social with friends and family. With this example you need help from other people, you won’t get a free coke with only your help.


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