durable cans

What is it?

‘’Do you know that there are 131 billion cans produces in United States alone every year?’’ 50% of those canse are recycled, so the other 65,5 billion cans we simply toss them into the trash. DesignNobis designed a smart, simple and different way to re-use your cans. It’s a cap for aluminium can so you can re-use your empty can to keep things like sugar, pepper, salt, cheese, oil etcetera. So with this design you can transform your used can into a functional and fun everyday object.

Why is it cool?

This is cool, because instead of making something huge or expensive like a car or house durable, they made something simple as a can durable. Now a day you see durability everywhere. But this is a new way of durability, because now you can re-use it, but it become a whole new product. So, from something simple you can make a new functional product.


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