Make your own gloves tech safe!

So, the autumn has begon, almost time to wear gloves again. But wearing gloves and use your smartphone at the same time is impossible. We all know the feeling when somebody calls you, but you miss it, because it’s cold and you wear gloves, so you can’t pick up in time.
Here’s how a smart phone works: a smart phone has a capacitive touch screen. These respond tot the static electricity in your hands. So, when you wear gloves, the fabric blocks the signal and you can’t use your phone anymore.

There are fancy tech savy gloves, but how cool is it to make your own gloves tech safe?

These days we want to be an individu, and do all kind of things to be different than anybody else. So, why not being different by making your gloves tech safe?

What do you need to make your own tech safe gloves?

(conductive thread)

You will find the detailed explanation here:



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