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Smart socks

Do you know the irritation of having so much socks, bot none fits with another? Don’t you wish there was a solution to sort your socks? Well, now there is!

The company Blacksocks has a solution for that problem. They designed ‘smart socks’. These socks can’t find invisible spots or can’t be friends with another sock. Blacksocks have a chip and a wireless detector who can be used to find all your socks.

This is a cool new gadget, because a lot of people have that irritation when they can’t find the same socks after washing them. It is such a small thing, but for many people very annoying. Now technology makes it possible to make ‘smart socks’

Not convinced yet? Watch this video:


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Let me introduce you with Sluggo. He is a small, green creature who lives in the streets of Michigan. Sluggo is the work of David Zinn. This happy fellow has appeared on walls, ledges and sidewalks, originally as a chalk drawing of a child that took a strange turn. Sluggo even has now his own Tumblr blog: Sluggo on the Street.

Don’t you love this little green fellow?

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Lock your door with your smartphone

These days we can do the most crazy things with our smartphone, you can even lock your door with your smartphone. Now Lockitron already had a lock  you can manage with your smartphone, but this new lock can do so much more then only lock your door. This is almost a communication gadget. You can share access with family and friends, you can see when some one else unlocks the door using their phone or key. Any smartphone can use Lockitron.

See it out yourself:

This is a cool new gadget, because it gives you a peace of mind. When you are on vacation you can see when the door is unlocked. Also you can open the door for visitors.

Are you interested in a Lockitron? Here you can read some more information and even order one!


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‘Going Dutch’

’Going Dutch’’ is a term that each person participating in a group, pays for himself. It refers to the Dutch people who are miserly. At least, that is what everyone thinks.

This new ‘gadget’ is a typical ‘Going Dutch’ gadget. When you go out with friends you only have to pay what you consumed. This check is not for the whole table, but separate for every person.

At the moment these vouchers are a test. Do you thinks they will be a success?

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