Nowadays a lot of people listen to music while traveling. But mostly you have to connect your earplugs to your phone or ipod, or whatever you use for your music. This can be uncomfortable sometimes.

That is why Earin is very useful. Their mission was to create a product that would focus on simplicity, size and audio quality.

Earin is the worlds smallest wireless earbuds. While using these earbuds, you don’t have to connect them on your device with cables. The two earbuds together function as one Bluetooth headphone. It is a magically small delivering with high quality audio sound, like the founders of Earin say.

I am not a fan of listening to music while I am traveling. I love to listen to all the sounds that are already there. But I think the Earin could be very useful when you would like to listen to your music.

Learn more about the Earin on


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