Adventure Box

Are you a fan of scavenger hunts? Then this next post would be interesting for you!

A little story Garret Kendrick made to explain what the GPS Adventure Box is:

It is your 25th wedding anniversary and your spouse hands you a nice little wooden box. The box is locked shut. On the top of the box is a small LCD screen and a simple button. You press the button and the LCD screen comes to life. It displays… “Go to where we first met.” You take the box to that location and press the button. It now displays “Now go to where we had our first date.” You take the box to that location and press the button. The display now reads “I’ll see you at home.” When you get home, you notice a romantic dinner for two has been prepared and your spouse sitting with a wide grin. You press the button on the box and you hear a “click”. The box is now unlocked and you open it to find a stunning piece of jewelry inside.

As this story explains, the GPS Adventure Box is a Box to make scavenger hunts more interesting. There is a small LCD sceen on it an a button so you know what to do. When you think you are at the right place, you push the button and it tells you where to go next. Watch the video below for more information, or go to



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