eating insects

When you have been traveling through Asia, you are probably familiar with people eating insects. You maybe even tried one yourself. In Europe and America it’s not common to eat insects, and that is something that has to change. That is why ‘The Grashopper Suppliers’ try to raise money on , so they can bring grashoppers to Europe!

Why should we eat insects? First of all our main sources of protein are very inefficient to produce. When you want to produce 1kg of beef, you could produce 10kg grashoppers. In this world there are 1 billion people hungry, so eating insects is a very good solution for that.

Besides that more people (1,2+ billion) lack access to drinking water. Last year we produced 300 billion kg of beef. If we had produced grasshoppers instead of this quantity of beef we would have saved 3,6 million billion litres of water. This amount of water is enough to give the whole world 2 litres of water a day for 700 years!! Besides these benefits of producing insects instead of beef, grasshoppers taste really good. I tried one in Bangkok myself and I was postive surprised. They do taste good!

schorpioen(me eating a scorpio in Bangkok, I tried a grasshopper as well but I didn’t made a picture of it. Must say: grasshoppers taste better than scorpios)

Want to read more about this idea or support them? Go to


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