food in Thailand

While I was living in Bangkok and traveling through Thailand and India I noticed that they have such a different way of eating. First of all in most European countries we all order our own dish that we like and eat it all by ourselves. We don’t share. Sometimes we grab a bite from our friend, but we actually never share our dishes. In Thailand and India I discovered that people eating together share all their food. Nobody orders their own food, but they all deside together what food they want on the table. Before the food will be served, the waiter brings everybody an empty plate. All the food will be served in bowls and plates in the middle of the table. Then everybody just takes whatever they like. Nobody tells anybody ‘bon appetit’, but just starts eating.

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Sometimes when I went to a ‘non-Thai’ restaurant, you order your own food. But what really irritated me, is that they bring your food whenever it is ready. So when you are going out for dinner with 4 persons, the one who gets their food first can wait till the last person gets their food, but then it’s probably cold. So you just start eating, but then you’re already done before the last person gets their food.

Besides that in the time I’ve been living in Bangkok (almost 6 months) I didn’t cook once for myself. I didn’t even have a real kitchen in my appartment. It is so normal to go out for dinner. There are a lot of food stands everywhere on the street where you can buy the most delicous foods that you cannot even make yourself. And it is so cheap, that when you choose to cook for yourself, it would be more expensive then going out for dinner. But when you choose to cook, you don’t even need to go to the supermarket, you can buy all your ingredients on the street.

foto food 1

In the beginning I really had to get used to that, but now I absolutely love it. The food in Thailand is amazing, it’s cheap and fresh. And I just love going out for dinner and don’t have any dishes to clean.


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