futuristic highways

While traveling to your work or when you’re going on vacation you often use the car and drive on the highway. Driving in the dark could be difficult sometimes, or when is it slippery and you should slower your speed? Daan Roosegaarde is developing ‘smart’ highways to make a solution for all of this.

A ‘smart’ highway, that lights up when it’s dark and who can warn drivers with blew snowflakes when it could be slippery on the road. Sounds futuristic right? But these techniques are developing in The Netherlands.

future highway

Daan Roosegaarde is developing, together with the Dutch company Heijmans, ‘smart’ highways. They are developing stripes that light up in the dark, blue snowflakes that will light up when it is a certain temperature and they want to support electric cars, by developing highways that can charge your car while you’re driving. These techniques could be visible in 3 – 5 years. Besides that Roosegaarde is already thinking ahead, for example the maximum speed that can appear on the roads.

future highway 1

Not only in The Netherlands but also abroad there is a lot of interest for this research. Especially in South- Korea and Singapore, they already invest millions in the technology. Also Mumbai and Africa show a lot of interest, because in a lot of places they don’t have electricity. When the sun goes down it’s pitch dark, so glow in the dark stripes would be a good solution for them.

With this development the roads will be safer and more durable. Two important trends we see lately, not only on the road. But will these roads with luminescent stripes and snowflakes be so safe?

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