heavy luggage

Do you know the feeling when you have your flight back home and you are not sure if your luggage is too heavy? I had it last time when I came back from Bangkok, I thought it wasn’t too heavy… but it was 6kg too heavy!! So, you can choose to pay a lot of money, or to open your suitcase in front of all the people that are waiting and get some thing out. I decided to pay, and trust me, it’s a lot of money per kilogram (the exact amount depends on your travel agency ofcourse).

Designer Selma Durand probably experienced this as well, because she invented something for this problem as her final project. She integrated a scale in the handgrip of the suitcase. It doesn’t measure how heavy your suitcase is, but it will say when it is too heavy. So you can install how heavy your suitcase is allowed to be, and then it will know if it is too heavy or not.

I think it is a great idea! Never the uncertainty anymore any paying a lot of money.


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