naked social media dress

This post doesn’t have anything to do with traveling, but I absolutely love this idea. Because of the personal data online we are naked all the time. That is why designers Xuedi Chem and Pedro G.C. Oliveira designed a dress that becomes increasingly transparent when the wearer shares personal data online. So this dress reflects the amount of personal information the wearer shares online. The more it shares, the more transparent the dress will become.

With a mobile app the dress automatically collects data, which will be transmitted to the dress. The dress is 3D-printes and made out of 20 hand-cut reactive displays. Via Bluetooth it reflects the information accordingly en the hand-cut reactive displays will become see-through when it collects more and more data.

Find out more about this dress Does this make you be more aware about the effect of social media? And would you dare to share information on social media while wearing this dress?


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