Smart bike

Like I mentioned before, in The Netherlands we have a real ‘bike culture’. A lot of people travel by bike. That is why this concept could be interesting for us Dutchies.

The concept I want to introduce to you is the Smart Bike. You’ve probably heard something about the smart house, smart car etcetera, but this is a smart bike.

Samsung designed together with Giovanni Pelizzoli a beautiful smart bike. Giovanni is responsible for the frame and Samsung for the sensors en devices to bring you from A to B safely. There are lasers that should make sure there will be an enlightened road to bike on when it’s dark, a GPS-system that will bring you to the right location and a camera on the back of the bike so you can always see what’s happening there. Everything will communicate with each other via a Samsung-device that is attached on the wheel of the bike.

Unfortunately there are no know plans to really produce this bike. It’s probably a branding plan. But how amazing would it be if we could have this smart bike?


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