smart shoes

When you are traveling you probably walk a lot, use your phone a lot to make pictures, but don’t have access to charge your phone. That is why Angelo Casimiro invented the Piezoelectric Generator.

Angelo Casimiro is a teenager from the Philippines. He invented a smart way to get electricity. He made some piezoelectric elements in a shoe. When you walk on this shoe it arouse electricity. How amazing is that, arouse energy while walking.

For us a shoe like that would be very useful, but imagine countries where some people don’t have electricity, this shoe could light up their houses!

The shoe is not really efficient, because after walking for two hours you can charge your phone for about 10 minutes, so there are some things that Angelo could work on, but the idea is amazing!

Angelo Casmiro participated with his project at the Google Science Fair. Watch the video below to see how he came up with this idea:

Would you use a shoe like that if it would be efficient? I definitely would!



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