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When you are traveling or you traveled through Asia, you are probably familiar with the big amount of tours that agency’s offer you. You will go sightseeing or diving with a group of tourists and see all the touristy places. But wouldn’t it be more fun and interesting to see the real culture or way of living in that country? The best way to do this is to go on adventure with a local and see the beauty of the country with a citizen. Nowadays we are all familiar with ‘couch surfing’ or Airbnb. The next cool hunt has the same concept, but a different execution.

Sanne Meijboom (Dutch) invented the social platform ‘I Like Local’ .Her passion is to explore other countries and cultures and together with a principle she believes in, the Sharing Economy, she designed this website. On this website you can find about 180 activities in the 8 countries of Asia: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodja, Laos and Vietnam. These activities can be anything. Fishing with a local in Sri Lanka or volunteering in Cambodja. Everything in the categories Homestay, Farmstay, Art & Culture, Trek & Tour, Food Experience and Volunteering.

Are you traveling through Asia, or you will in the future? Sign up at and experience the beautiful countries with locals. The prices for the activities are low and the money you pay goes directly to the citizen (10 or 20% goes to the organization of I Like Locals). So you help yourself by giving yourself a better experience and you help the locals.


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