Traveling with the hoodiepillow

Nowadays we travel a lot. For work to London, few weeks relaxing at the costa or backpacking through Australia for a year. Everything is possible. But during the travel, we would also like to have a little comfort.

When you are traveling you don’t want to bring too much stuff, because you have to carry all of it. But while traveling we would also like to have the comfort of a pillow and it need to be dark before we can go to sleep. You could buy a seperate pillow and something to cover your eyes, but the people from Hoodiepillow combined these two things. They made a hoodie, which can cover your eyes, connected with a pillow. This pillow needs to be filled with air, what makes it easier to carry when you’re not using it.


You can order your new travelbuddy from 15 euros in black, grey and red at:


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