Typing in the air

Nowadays you we write more on the computer then we write with actual pen and paper. We are typing on our keyboard for already 150 years. Computers changed, but the way of typing never changed. Because keyboards never changed doesn’t mean people aren’t trying to invent a better way for typing.

The newest innovation is the AirType. With the AirType the inventers want to get rid of the keyboard. This is a ‘keyboard’ you put on your hands, and you type in the air. This device has a few sensors in it that measure the way you move your fingers. This is why you will be able to type on any surface. The only thing you have to do is knowing exactly where all the letters, numbers, characters etc are on a normal keyboard. But in the end, AirType promises you that you will never make a mistake in typing.

The AirType will be on sale at the end of this year.


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