understanding 25 languages? Yes, it is possible!

In my last post I talked about comfort during traveling. This post will also be about comfort, but a different kind of comfort. This time it’s about the comfort of speaking the language of the country you’re visiting.

Almost everybody is kinda familiar with English, German or French. But Polish, Norwegian or Portuguese will be more difficult. When you’re traveling to different kind of countries, you will also experience different kind of languages. Some you may understand, but you’re probably not able to understand and talk all the languages you will be confronted with. In some countries you will be able to communicate English, but in some countries not.

When I was in Thailand I had a lot of problems communicating with local people. A lot of Thai people don’t speak English, and unfortunately I didn’t speak Thai. It was really frustrating sometimes that I was not able to communicate with these people, because I wanted to learn things from them and experience Thailand like they do. Reading the next paragraphs you’ll understand why I would love this innovative device.

People from SIGMO developed a real-time translater of 25 languages. ‘SIGMO 
is a voice translating device that will revolutionise the way you are able to communicate and understand other languages.’
How it works? SIGMO has two modes of voice translation. You set your native language and the language to translate to. When you press the first button and speak your phrase, SIGMO will turn it immediately into the language you selected and will pronounce it for you. If you press the second button, it will translate speech from the foreign speaker and turn it into your native language.

Because of the small, light size SIGMO is really easy to bring with you. You can hang it around your neck, attach it to your clothes, belt or strap on your arm with its own special attachment.

For 40 Euros you can order your Sigmo and talk to everybody wordwide in your own language!


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