Will floating cities become reality?

The worldpopulation is growing and growing. All these people on earth need a place to live, food, clothes etcetera. But where will all of this happen? We don’t have the space and capability to take care of all these people. Nowadays this is a subject that we discuss a lot and we have to come up with a solution. How about a floating city?

Floating cities - Sub-Biosphere 2

A london designagency already designed a flaoting city. A floating city is about 10 kilometers square. The city floats on water, but also under water there will be space. The cities should be self-sufficient. There is space to grow food and farm. Besides that citizens should transfer themselves by electric vehicles and submarines. Sounds cool right? Would you like to live on a floating city?

Floating cities - Freedom Ship 2

Learn more about the floating city: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/mar/18/floating-cities-proposals-utopian-sci-fi



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