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Smart socks

Do you know the irritation of having so much socks, bot none fits with another? Don’t you wish there was a solution to sort your socks? Well, now there is!

The company Blacksocks has a solution for that problem. They designed ‘smart socks’. These socks can’t find invisible spots or can’t be friends with another sock. Blacksocks have a chip and a wireless detector who can be used to find all your socks.

This is a cool new gadget, because a lot of people have that irritation when they can’t find the same socks after washing them. It is such a small thing, but for many people very annoying. Now technology makes it possible to make ‘smart socks’

Not convinced yet? Watch this video:



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Let me introduce you with Sluggo. He is a small, green creature who lives in the streets of Michigan. Sluggo is the work of David Zinn. This happy fellow has appeared on walls, ledges and sidewalks, originally as a chalk drawing of a child that took a strange turn. Sluggo even has now his own Tumblr blog: Sluggo on the Street.

Don’t you love this little green fellow?

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Lock your door with your smartphone

These days we can do the most crazy things with our smartphone, you can even lock your door with your smartphone. Now Lockitron already had a lock  you can manage with your smartphone, but this new lock can do so much more then only lock your door. This is almost a communication gadget. You can share access with family and friends, you can see when some one else unlocks the door using their phone or key. Any smartphone can use Lockitron.

See it out yourself:

This is a cool new gadget, because it gives you a peace of mind. When you are on vacation you can see when the door is unlocked. Also you can open the door for visitors.

Are you interested in a Lockitron? Here you can read some more information and even order one!


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‘Going Dutch’

’Going Dutch’’ is a term that each person participating in a group, pays for himself. It refers to the Dutch people who are miserly. At least, that is what everyone thinks.

This new ‘gadget’ is a typical ‘Going Dutch’ gadget. When you go out with friends you only have to pay what you consumed. This check is not for the whole table, but separate for every person.

At the moment these vouchers are a test. Do you thinks they will be a success?

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Make your own gloves tech safe!

So, the autumn has begon, almost time to wear gloves again. But wearing gloves and use your smartphone at the same time is impossible. We all know the feeling when somebody calls you, but you miss it, because it’s cold and you wear gloves, so you can’t pick up in time.
Here’s how a smart phone works: a smart phone has a capacitive touch screen. These respond tot the static electricity in your hands. So, when you wear gloves, the fabric blocks the signal and you can’t use your phone anymore.

There are fancy tech savy gloves, but how cool is it to make your own gloves tech safe?

These days we want to be an individu, and do all kind of things to be different than anybody else. So, why not being different by making your gloves tech safe?

What do you need to make your own tech safe gloves?

(conductive thread)

You will find the detailed explanation here:


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Let’s make the bus popular!

Do you also think the bus is lame? Do you rather drive with your car, motor or scooter? A Danish bus company wants to make the bus a more popular way to get you from A to B. They made a commercial where you can see bus passengers in ecstasy about the ‘newest technologic things’ like panorama- windows, free hang loops and designer stop-buttons. The bus driver is also very ‘cool’.

This commercial is to get people between 18 en 34 years in the bus. Some research let us know that these people think the bus is old-fashioned and for people with no money.

This commercial has become a huge hit on YouTube. More than a half million people have seen the original Danish version and if we count the English version with that, there are 1,2 milion viewers.

See it out yourself:

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Wooden fingers

These days natural materials have a huge influence in every sector. Not only in huge projects like houses and parks, but even in electronic devices. Orée (a French design company) made a wooden keyboard. With Bluetooth you can use this handmade keyboards on almost every device. With this new keyboard, which has launched recently, Orée shows that electronic equipment and natural materials can be combined.

Last week I was at one of the biggest home influences events in Paris: maison & object. Here I also saw that natural materials are very important these days. The use of these materials are an example of the trend sustainability.

Curious to more designs of Oree?


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