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Mobile farm

Nowadays children are more disconnected to where their food comes from. They are consuming more processed foods then fresh fruits and vegetables. Nearly 1 in 3 children in the US are overweight or obese. Despite the knowledge that increades comsumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a life-long healthy weight.


That is why The Farm Explorer is designed. It’s a living, hands-on mobile farm providing children with the opportunity to dig-in and connect with food from seed to plate. The Farm Explorer is equipped with modular garden beds, Farm Explorer highlights over 60 varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible flowers throughout the growing season. With The Farm Explorer the designers want to connect children more with healthy food, where it comes from and how it’s grown.

Do you think this is a good idea to make children more aware of healthy food? Leanr more about The Farm Explorer, or sponsor them: 


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Exercising while traveling

For a lot of people the perfect vacation is: beach, sea, cocktails and doing absolutely nothing. But nowadays people on holiday are increasingly looking for things to do that allow them to exercise.

Fitness travel is a trend that’s sweeping the globe and it’s hotting up on Australian shores. One of the main reasons is that general health messages are getting through the people. So for a lot of people their holiday is a way to put some healthy living together.

Jayson Westbury, chief executive of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents says: ‘service providers are catching onto the trend with new businesses springing up to offer a variety of health and fitness holiday options.


Samantha Lippiat is the Australian head of Health and Fitness Travel and she says ‘’ People are nowadays juggling everything on our platers. When they go on holiday they want to maximise that time, and they want to come back feeling better.’’ In the short-term this trend is about multi-tasking, and in the long-term it’s about taking responsibility.

People are becoming more responsible for their own long term health. They want a better quality of life, even on their holidays the choose to have a healthy lifestyle.

So, how do we exercise while traveling? A lot of people choose tours by bicycle. They are seeking the grassroots experience of travel, alongside the adventure. Nowadays diving and snorkling is a popular way to get exercise during your holiday, or surfing and kayaking.

me bike(with my sister traveling through Bangkok by bike)

Do you like to exercise while you are traveling or on your holiday?

Learn more about this trend on:

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reminder to drink enough water

Every day we have to drink at least 1,5 liters of water. Almost 80% of the world population drinks less then that. That is why Vittel designed a new bottle. This bottle remindes you to drink every hour. How? The bottle has a cap with a little alarm in it. When you put the cap on the bottle, the alarm will start ticking. After an hour a red flag will jump out of it so you will know it is time to drink again.

Do you like this idea?

Watch the video below to see their hilarious commercial:

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